Welcome to Ucto-KZ

Welcome to Ucto-KZ.cz


Are you looking for professional accountant?

You do not have time or energy for keeping and maintaining your documents or just communicating with State Offices?

That is exactly why you should contact me. I am here for you.


Kateřina Zanotti

+420 777 103 400



What can I offer?

Keeping single and double-entry bookkeeping for self-employed, identified person and nonprofit companies.

Complete accounting processing, communication with State Offices (Souhrnne hlaseni, Kontrolni hlaseni, DPH), payroll, business travel etc.


How much it will cost?

Just like every person every company is very different. It depends on how many documents and emplyees does your company have. We sure make a deal, do not hesitate to contact me.

You can find the pricelist here.



Kateřina Zanotti

Jihlavská 64

140 00  Praha 4

Tel: 777 103 400

E-mail: katerinazanotti@gmail.com


I apologise for the visualization of my web. You can just see that instead of it´s creation I prefer accounting. Better you contact me :)