Price list of selected accounting tasks are valid from 1 January 2023 and is indicative only. I´m not a VAT payer.

The price for bookkeeping depends on the total number of documents (invoices, receipts), according to the number of items on the account statement and the complexity of the accounting operations. 1 accounting item is considered 1 line in the financial diary (i.e. posting of individual items of invoices, receipts, internal documents, payment schedule and individual items on the bank account).


Registration of self-employed person

CZK 600

Registration of companies

CZK 600

Registration of identified person

CZK 600

Registration to VAT

from CZK 600

Flat fee

CZK 350 – CZK 1.500

Bookkeeping and tax record::

Accounting item - VAT payer

CZK 31

Accounting item - non VAT

CZK 25

VAT refund

CZK 550

VAT control report

CZK 350

VIES report

CZK 350

Tax refund for self-employed

CZK 3.500

Tax refund for employees

from CZK 500

Tax refund for companies

CZK 5.000 – CZK 7.000

Road tax refund

CZK 600

Financial statements by complexity

CZK 2.500 – CZK 10.000


Full-employed employee

CZK 350 per employee

Half-employed employee

CZK 125 per employee

Annual employees tax settlement

CZK 300 - CZK 1.200

Confirmation of the employee's income

CZK 220

Representation before authorities

CZK 1.000 per hour

Documents for inspection preparation

from CZK 1.000